You’ve been swindled

Less than six months ago, administrators from Cecil County Public Schools strolled into a County Council Meeting and urged the council to approve a $1,600,000.00 per year increase to their already bloated budget.

Photo from Cecil Whig Article published on 4/11/2017

CCPS Superintendent D’Ette Devine told the council that the increase was necessary in order for CCPS to continue to “tread water”…

…and threatened that without the extra funding, teachers would have to be fired.

Imagine our outrage after reading a Cecil Whig article published just days ago that reported that CCPS has an extra $6.4 million in their reserve fund and is looking for ways to spend it!

Why are we so angry?

For starters, you and I are paying higher property taxes and more income tax to fund the increase that CCPS was given to allow them to supposedly “tread water.”

And on top of that, you and I will be paying for the new one-million-plus dollar turf field at Perryville High for years to come as it is being paid for by taking out a long-term loan.

Both could – AND SHOULD have been paid for with funding already provided by hardworking taxpayers like you and me!

Are you as angry as we are?

If so, join Cecil County Campaign for Liberty in demanding that our County Council withhold any budget increases to CCPS during the next three budget cycles.

We’re calling on the Council to notify CCPS administrators that due to the recently announced taxpayer over-funding of $6.4 million, the surplus should be budgeted for future needs in lieu of taxpayer-funded increases.

Here’s how you can take action. Copy and paste the following message and send it to the Council and County Executive using the email addresses listed below.

Dear County Executive and County Councilors,

Due to the recent report that revealed that CCPS is looking for ways to spend $6.4 million of their unassigned fund balance, I urge you to publicly pledge to reject any requests for increased funding to CCPS over the next 3 years.

Furthermore, I request that you notify CCPS administrators that due to the large surplus that they have acquired due to taxpayer over-funding, they WILL NOT be receiving budget increases and should budget their surplus money accordingly.

It’s unconscionable to take any more money out of citizen’s budgets when CCPS has been over-compensated by Cecil County citizens.

Earlier this year, CCPS Superintendent Divine told this council that a $1.6 million budget increase was necessary in order for CCPS to continue to “tread water.” Six months later, we learn that “treading water” means a surplus of $6.4 million.

I feel betrayed by CCPS administrators, the County Executive, and those on the Council who supported dipping further into the taxpayer’s pockets to fund unnecessary increases to the CCPS budget.

Now’s your chance to redeem yourselves by pledging to withhold CCPS budget increases over the next 3 years.

Cecil County Council

County Executive Alan McCarthy

The Cecil Whig is reporting that CCPS is already discussing how to spend the “extra” money.

One outrageous suggestion has been to build a $2,000,000.00 field house for Perryville High School.

CCPS Chief Financial Officer Tom Kappra shamefully suggested that the school system could use $1.2 million of it’s “extra” money and have the county pick up the tab for the additional $800,000 in construction costs!

Kappra and his crew are sitting on $6.4 million in over-funding and he thinks taxpayers should provide the additional $800k in funding?

Talk about being out of touch!

And while it’s easy to be infuriated by the lack of respect for taxpayer dollars that is exhibited by CCPS administrators…

… the real villains here are the politicians who control funding to Cecil County Public Schools.

Let’s remember that Councilors Joyce Bowlsbey, Dan Schneckenburger, George Patchell, and Bob Meffley all supported a tax-payer funded increase of $1.6 million to the CCPS budget during last year’s budget.

And they also supported the construction of a one million dollar turf field at Perryville High School.

Their support of increased, unnecessary funding directly resulted in the tax increases that you and I are coping with.

The County Council is entrusted with the responsibility of providing checks and balances to County Executive Alan McCarthy’s proposed budgets.

They failed miserably earlier this year by allowing increased funding to be awarded to CCPS while their unassigned fund balance was overflowing.

Please take a moment to contact them today and demand that they correct their mistake by refusing any CCPS budget increases during the next three years.