Warning: New threat to Cecil property rights

A serious threat to the property rights and property values of Cecil County landowners is on the horizon.

On December 12th, the County Council passed legislation requiring the formation of a workgroup to create a new county tier map…

…which will undoubtedly expand the already oppressive land use regulations of H.B. 236, also know as the “septic bill.”

Many county property owners have already been victimized by the requirements of our current tier map which was administratively submitted by former County Executive Tari Moore in 2012.

Citizens whose property was placed in the most restrictive tiers have experienced severe loss of property value, lost the ability to subdivide their property…

…and some farmers were unable to secure bank loans to run their farming business due to the decreased value of their land.

And while Martin O’Malley is nothing more than a bad memory for conservatives in Cecil County…

…some local liberal politicians seem intent on fulfilling his legacy of stripping away property rights from rural areas.

On December 20th, the council was set to vote to include the current tier map into the county’s comprehensive plan.

But during that morning’s council work session, Councilman George Patchell stated that he had concerns about the current tier map

and that he wanted to be assured that a workgroup would be formed to make adjustments to that map.

He was apparently not alone.

Stand up to government bullies that want to infringe on private property rights by clicking here.

The county’s Director of Administration, Al Wein told the council that County Executive Alan McCarthy would be willing to appoint a work group to continue the tier map discussion and to buy into a future map.

Later that evening, during the Council Legislative Meeting, Patchell introduced an amendment to require the creation of the tier map workgroup.

That amendment passed by a 4-1 vote.

Joyce Bowlsbey, Dan Schneckenburger, George Patchell and Bob Mefley shockingly voted to put the wheels in motion for the creation of a new, more restrictive tier map.

Even more concerning was the news that Executive McCarthy would be appointing the members of the tier map workgroup.

This comes on the heels of news that McCarthy hired former Cecil County Delegate Dave Rudolph as a consultant despite Rudolph’s history of liberal policies.

Conservatives should be concerned that McCarthy will appoint similarly liberal members to this workgroup.

I can’t think of many things that are a more direct assault on someone’s liberty than the government stepping in and taking away a citizen’s property rights.

Imagine investing in a property with the intent to sell portions in the future to supplement your income, only to be informed that the rules have changed and you can’t.

Imagine buying a home on a large parcel of land with the intent of subdividing and passing some of that land on to your children and then being robbed of that right.

In some cases, property values have been cut in half due to the current tier map restrictions.

This will happen to even more citizens unless you and I act now.

Please take a moment to click here to sign the petition to Defend Property Rights in Cecil County.

By supporting the creation of a workgroup to create a new tier map, Alan McCarthy and the County Council have shown that they are open to further property rights infringement.

Here’s the good news.

We have plenty of time to mobilize against this effort.

The workgroup still needs to be appointed, a new map still needs to be created, and the county council will be required to vote on any new map before it is implemented.

With your help, we can get out in front of this tier map expansion scheme and apply enough pressure to our local politicians to prevent a more restrictive tier map from becoming law.

You can help right now by doing these three things:

  1. Sign the “Defend Property Rights in Cecil County Petition
  2. Donate to this campaign to help us reach more county citizens
  3. Share this information and petition with friends and family in Cecil County

No citizen should live in fear of the government taking a large portion of their wealth by simply enacting new legislation.

Cecil County campaign for Liberty will continue to follow this situation closely and keep you updated as events unfold.

Thanks for your support!