Threat of Local Tax Increases

It’s here – budget season in Cecil County.

And there is much that taxpayers like you and I should be very concerned about.

Early indications are that the current administration headed by County Executive Alan McCarthy will attempt to push new tax and fee increases on to Cecil Residents.

The FY2018 budget is being drafted by McCarthy and his administration right now.

I can’t stress to you enough how critical it is for all of us to begin to organize to prevent a property tax increase and other county fee increases.

Please take a moment of your time to sign the “Say “NO!” to Tax and Fee increases in Cecil County Petition.”

Alan McCarthy has a lengthy history of supporting huge county spending increases during his tenure as Vice President of the County Council.

McCarthy’s lack of fiscal conservatism was on display for all to see when he supported spending $10,000,000.00 for a new park, $19,000,000.00 for a new library…

…and a whopping $70,000,000.00 bond bill that increased county debt by 50%.

With a big spending track record like this, it’s hard to imagine that McCarthy won’t continue this pattern as County Executive.

Even worse, Former County Executive Tari Moore and the previous County Council (which included McCarthy) passed tax-n-spend budgets that have nearly drained county reserve funds.

With little reserve funds left to draw from, there is only one other option that big-government politicians like McCarthy have to continue increased spending.

That’s right, tax and fee increases for working families like your’s and mine.

Equally disturbing is recent news that the county is facing a projected budget deficit of nearly $2,400,000.00 for the current fiscal budget which ends in 6 months.

And while mega-corporations like LIDL and Amazon are getting county government handouts

it appears that the same county government is going to be sticking its hand out and demanding more of our hard earned income in the form of tax and fee increases.

We can prevent this, but we must act now.

Special interest groups are already lining up to ask for huge increases that will be paid for by folks like us.

Cecil County Public Schools recently announced that they are requesting a taxpayer funded increase of $4,614,377.00 over last year’s budget.

The annual beg-o-thon has just begun but you can bet that many others will also be requesting similar outrageous increases.

If taxpayers like you and I don’t take a stand against tax increases now, your future property tax bill could contain quite a nasty surprise.

One-third of Cecil County property owners were recently informed that their property values went up by roughly 6%, causing an increase in their tax bill.

Any addition property tax increase will be devastating to homeowners on a tight family budget.

It is for all of these reasons that it is so important that “We the people” band together to prevent the adoption of a budget that increases taxes and fees.

It starts by signing our “Say ‘NO!’ to Tax and Fee increases in Cecil County Petition.”

We are already seeing indications that McCarthy will attempt to justify tax and fee increases by blaming the previous administration for the county’s financial woes.

He’s hoping you will forget that his votes as a county councilor directly contributed to the current financial mess that the county is in.

Any excuse for higher taxes and fees is unacceptable.

County Government must live within its means and cannot continue to treat taxpayers like an ATM that money is withdrawn from for things we can’t afford.

Please help us collect petition signatures by sharing this information with friends and family in Cecil County.

With your help, we will be able to deliver a stack of petitions that Alan McCarthy and the County Council cannot ignore.