Stop the Madness: No More Government Handouts to Big Business!

First, it was LIDL, a multi-million dollar foreign corporation that was awarded a $360,000.00 government handout…

…10% of which was straight out of this county’s coffers.

Now, our County Council is preparing to vote on a resolution to award a whopping $1,200,000.00 handout to yet another giant, privately owned business.

And once again, the county will be responsible for kicking in 10% of this $1.2 million dollar corporate welfare scam.

Even worse, the recipient of this latest handout is being concealed from the public!

County Resolution 3-2017 states that “Project Iron LLC” will be the recipient of this latest handout, should it be approved.

Cecil County Campaign for Liberty could not locate any listings for this corporation and our emails to the County Council asking for information have not been returned.

However, The Cecil Whig has reported that there is no such LLC and that “Project Iron LLC” is a codename for the recipient who can not be named due to a non-disclosure agreement.

How’s that for government transparency?

Americans like you and me were outraged by bailouts to Wall Street, GM, and Solyndra.

We should be just as outraged by these front-loaded bailouts.

Cecil County has had 4 straight budgets that included tax and/or fee increases which have been passed on to working families.

Why then, are multi-million dollar private corporations receiving huge handouts while we are forced to turn over more of our income every year?

And why does the mystery corporation that will be occupying the space pictured below need a government handout?

                                                       Photo Courtesy of Diamond Realty

Enough is enough!

The County Council will vote to approve or disapprove this $1.2 million dollar hand-out on January 17th, 2017.

The previous council fully supported the last handout to LIDL.

However, the new council should have at least one member who will oppose government handouts to private corporations.

Former Tea-Party leader turned Councilwoman Jackie Gregory has expressed strong opposition to government hand-outs in the past.

In 2012, Gregory blasted Harford County Council Members for supporting an identical handout to Smith’s Detection.

On her organization’s Facebook page, she wrote:

“Until we have leaders and citizens willing to stop putting their hands out for money for projects that the gov’t has no business being involved in, we will never get out of our financial mess.”

And she didn’t stop there.

When former Harford County Councilman Dion Guthrie defended the handout saying “To get business, you have to invest in business”, Gregory’s response was:

“So ‘investment’ in business involves taking money from corporations and individuals by way of taxation, and then redistributing it to select corporations?

How about Maryland ‘invests’ in business by lowering corporate and individual income taxes for its citizens to create an environment where all businesses can be successful?”

We couldn’t agree any more with Councilwoman Gregory.

Government shouldn’t interfere with the free market by redistributing wealth through handouts.

The good news is that we now have one sitting council member who opposes these corporate welfare schemes.

But there is some bad news.

Inside sources tell us that Jackie Gregory is under pressure to abandon her Tea-Party philosophies and to vote “Yes” to Resolution 3-2017.

Councilwoman Gregory needs support from conservatives like you to give her the confidence to stand strong on opposing this handout as well as future handouts.

Let Councilwoman Gregory know that you have “her back.”

Call and email her today and encourage her to stand firm in her Tea-Party values and to vote “No!” to Resolution 3-2017.

Jackie Gregory
Office: 410-996-5201
Work: 410-287-5277
Your phone calls and emails will give Councilwoman Gregory the support she needs while showing the other council members that conservatism is alive and well here in Cecil County.

We’ll continue to update you on this issue and any other future proposed government handouts to big business.

We appreciate your support!