Schneckenburger serves up a “nothing burger” instead of action

Like burger from a fast food joint that looks nothing like the advertised photo, Councilman Dan Schneckenburger’s “action” on mandatory sewer connections…

…falls far short of doing anything to protect county residents from the McCarthy Administration’s policy of forced sewer connections.

During last Tuesday’s council work session, Schneckenburger submitted a draft letter to other councilors…

…with the intent of “encouraging” County Executive Alan McCarthy to reconsider his policy of mandated sewer connections.

Sounds good right?

Schneckenburger is hoping you think so even though he is refusing to take real action to protect property owners.

You see, the County Council has received a legal opinion from their attorney which states that they can introduce legislation to change county code…

…and protect many property owners from the huge costs associated with the current county policy.

However, Schneckenburger told The Cecil Whig that he does not support using the legislative ability of the council to modify county code.

He compared changing county code to using a “nuclear option” and stated that the McCarthy administration has “every right to set policy.”

So instead of taking meaningful action, Schneckenburger wants to send a letter to the county executive recommending a policy change.

And of course, it’s unlikely that McCarthy will budge after he issued a press release supporting mandatory sewer connections and calling them “fair.”

Schneckenburger knows this but probably believes that uninformed citizens will believe that he is working for their best interests.

In other words, he is hoping that he can use his letter of recommendation as political cover while doing nothing.

Isn’t the first responsibility of government to protect the rights of citizens?

And shouldn’t every available means be used to protect the property rights of the public?

CecilCounty Campaign for Liberty believes that Dan Schneckenburger should stop playing political games and immediately introduce legislation to change county code.

Anything less is unacceptable.

Please take a moment of your time to call and email Dan Schneckenburger and demand that he gets serious…

…about protecting property owners from thousands of dollars in unnecessary sewer connection fees.

Dan Schneckenburger

Make sure to let him know that you understand that he has the power to introduce legislation to protect property owners but is so far unwilling to do so.

Schneckenburger’s “nothing burger” of a solution is exactly why it is so important that we double-down and turn out to the September 19th “Ditch the Sewer Mandate!” Rally and Protest.

Please mark your calendar and commit to attending.

“Ditch the Sewer Mandate” Rally and Protest
September 19th, 6 P.M.
In front of the County Government Building
200 Chesapeake Blvd.,
Elkton, Maryland 21921

There are less than two weeks left until this rally takes place.

You can help us promote this event in order to increase attendance which will turn the heat up on our local elected officials.

Please consider making a donation to our “Ditch the Sewer Mandate!” fund by clicking here.

Your contribution will be used to help us make a last minute push to rally citizens to come out and stand up for private property rights.

Our activists recently visited homes along Marley Road in Elkton (the first area that will be forced to connect to sewer lines) with flyers informing those residents…

…of the current sewer policy and inviting them to attend the September 19th rally.

No other organization in Cecil County is putting this kind of effort into protecting citizens from out-of-control government tyranny.

But without adequate funding, we can only do so much.

So again, I ask you to please consider making a much-needed and worthwhile contribution of $10, $25, $50 or $100 today to fight this mandatory sewer hookup scheme.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the “Ditch the Sewer Mandate!” rally and protest.