RED ALERT: Serious Threat to Cecil Property Rights

The most serious threat to Cecil County property rights since 2012 has emerged from Alan McCarthy’s administration.

A new tier map being proposed by the Department of Planning and Zoning would expand the “no growth” tier 4 designation to 20,000 acres of Cecil County land.

Landowners whose property is involuntarily included into new tier 4 areas face a massive reduction in their property’s market value.

A tier 4 designation restricts the subdivision of many properties by mandating that no more than one dwelling can be built on 20 acres of land.

Stand up to government bullies that want to infringe on private property rights by clicking here.

Recently, County Executive Alan McCarthy announced the appointments for a Tier Map Committee that would work to create a new map for submission to the state.

Last week, the committee was given a new proposed tier map to consider and to make recommendations before submitting it back to McCarthy’s administration.

The new proposed tier map should alarm every Cecil County citizen who believes in private property rights.

Pictured below is the County’s current tier map (on the left) and the new proposed tier map (on the right).

As you can see, the tier 4 areas (designated in green) have been massively expanded in the McCarthy administration’s new map.

If this map is approved, more than half of Cecil County will be “off limits” for future development.

This could be disastrous for county farmers who rely on their property values to obtain loans for their farming needs.

And for others that intend to subdivide their property to supplement their income…

…or to provide their children or grandchildren with land to build a home on, they too will be victimized by this tier map expansion scheme.

Make no mistake, there will be NO COMPENSATION provided to property owners who are stripped of their property rights and property values.

This amounts to nothing less than government theft of its citizen’s wealth.

During his campaign for County Executive, Alan McCarthy promised to “fight liberal attacks on our rights.”

But now his administration is proposing to strip you of your property rights in order to appease liberal bureaucrats in Annapolis.

We need your help to send a strong message to County Executive McCarthy and the entire County Council that infringement on private property rights will not be tolerated.

Please take a moment to sign our petition to defend property rights in Cecil County by clicking here.

The Tier Map Advisory Committee will have multiple meetings over the next two months.

This gives us time to educate, organize, and mobilize Cecil citizens into action to protect their constitutional property rights.

Help us spread the word by sharing this information and urging friends and family to oppose tier map expansion by signing the included petition.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on this issue as new developments are announced.