Politicians Reacting to Sewer Mandate Outrage

Days ago, Cecil County politicians saw first-hand that the public thinks that the county’s mandatory sewer connection policy stinks.

The “Ditch the Sewer Mandate!” protest drove that point home as a large group assembled outside of the county administration building before the start of the evening legislative meeting.

Photo Credit: Cecil Whig Photo by Brad Kroner

Many of those protesters also attended the meeting and voiced their opposition to the sewer policy during the public comment period.

Those who spoke made it known that they are outraged by the violation of private property rights and high costs associated with the policy.

Click here to see a short video of the “Ditch the Sewer Mandate!” protest and rally.

I want to personally thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to attend this important event.

I’m also cautiously encouraged that we are making an impact.

Hours before the protest, the council made it known that they have received more than 500 emails demanding a change to the current sewer policy.

It was also revealed that a public hearing on the policy, which was supposed to happen sometime this month, has been postponed until the politicians get legal opinions on the policy.

During the council meeting that followed the protest, Maryland Campaign for Liberty State Coordinator Bob Willick chastized the council for not doing more to protect citizens property rights.

He specifically called on council members to do everything they can at the local level and to work with the Cecil Delegation at the state level.
Less than 24 hours later, The Cecil Whig reported that Delegate Hornberger is communicating with the County Council about introducing legislation to roll back sewer mandates.

However, not everyone is supportive of a rollback of sewer connection policies.

County Executive Alan McCarthy told The Whig that he would not support such legislation and categorized it as “preposterous.”

This should surprise no one as McCarthy recently released a statement saying that he believed government mandated sewer connections are “fair.”

McCarthy, who made a campaign contribution to former Governor Martin O’Malley, is now openly supporting policies that were put in place by the O’Malley administration.

So, while there is some encouraging news, it’s clear that we still have much to do to ensure that Cecil property owners are protected from sewer mandates.

Will our local politicians take real, meaningful action – or are they just blowing smoke?

It’s widely known that politicians will acknowledge citizen’s concerns, wait for the issue to die down, and then do nothing.

We can’t let that happen.

Here are two ways in which you can help us continue to turn the heat up until we get results:

First, call and email County Executive Alan McCarthy and express your disappointment that he has not changed the county sewer policy, despite citizen’s concerns.

You should also let him know that you are outraged that he is supporting the policies of Martin O’Malley which are harmful to residents of Cecil County.

County Executive Alan McCarthy
Phone:  410-996-5203
Email: amccarthy@ccgov.org
The second way you can help is by chipping into our “Ditch the Sewer Mandate” fund.

We are far behind our goal of raising $1500.00 to use to combat this egregious example of government overreach.

Please click here and chip in what you can to help us continue to double down on this issue.

Every dollar we raise will go directly to winning this battle.

And by winning, we will have drawn a line in the sand that no politician will want to cross any time soon.

Thank you for supporting our efforts in Cecil County.