Citizen’s Petition Opposing Tax Increases in 2018

Say “NO!” to tax and fee increases in 2018. Simply add your name, email address, and zip code to following “No Cecil Tax Increases in 2018” petition. Then click the send button to immediately deliver your signed petition to County Executive McCarthy and the entire County Council.

Whereas: Cecil County citizens endured the largest tax increases in recent history due to increased county government spending in last year’s budget; and

Whereas: Increasing property values on top of last year’s county property tax increase have resulted in creating hardships for many working families; and

Whereas: Taking a larger percentage of citizens’ income in order to fund unnecessary projects is immoral; and

Whereas: Citizen’s were burdened with higher taxes last year in order to increase funding to one county department who later reported millions of dollars in surpluses and was criticized for overpaying contractors and not using a competitive bid process in the findings of a state audit; and

Whereas: The majority of the County Council and The County Executive promised to fight and/or stop tax increases while campaigning for their elected positions.

Therefore: We, the citizen’s of Cecil County, demand that no tax increases, fee increases, or government spending increases be included in the forthcoming FY 2019 Cecil County budget.