Petitions delivered, Council refuses to go on the record

Tuesday evening, Maryland Campaign for Liberty State Coordinator Bob Willick delivered the first batch of “No Tax Increase” petitions to our County Council.

Thanks to you, Mr. Willick was able to get the attention of the Council, due to the sizable stack of 500 petitions that contained the names of Cecil citizens who oppose Executive McCarthy’s outrageous tax hikes.

This was only the first of multiple trips to deliver petitions as representatives from Cecil County Campaign for Liberty…

…will continue to deliver these petitions until the council votes on the FY 2018 budget in a little over a month from now.

After handing over the petitions to the Council Manager, Mr. Willick asked for Council Members to publicly commit to making the spending cuts that are necessary to prevent tax increases.

Sadly, not a single Councilor who was present would make that public promise – even though the majority of the council campaigned on “Fighting Tax Increases.”

Click here to watch the video.

Councilors Bob Mefley and Jackie Gregory refused to make any comments concerning budget cuts or tax increases.

Councilman Dan Schneckenburger sidestepped the commitment, saying that the council was still looking at the budget…

…and would look for opportunities to “get the best budget for everybody in Cecil County.”

Council President Joyce Bowlsbey said that she was afraid that the council would not be able to meet our expectations of not raising taxes.

Councilman Geroge Patchell was absent but recently stated that “If we can’t cut, then, you know, we’ll see where we end up.”

These statements (and lack of commitments to making necessary budget cuts) are a clear sign that we must continue to double-down

on collecting petition signatures and making our voices heard.

If I’ve learned anything in politics, it’s that politicians almost always bow to public pressure when the pressure is great enough.

As much as they may whine that they can’t find cuts, what they are really saying is…

…that they don’t believe that tax increases will have negative effects on their political careers.

Trust me, this will change as we continue to deliver hundreds or even thousands of “No Tax Increase” petitions.

But to do this, we desperately need your assistance.

There are three things that we can all do right now to thwart destructive tax increases.

They are simple, but they require action by all of us.

  1. Sign and share, share, share this “No Tax Increase ” petition with all of your Cecil County Contacts. Forward this email to everyone you know in Cecil County.
  2. Click here to download a flyer to educate the public about proposed tax increases. Distribute these flyers wherever you can.
  3. Chip in a few bucks to give us the funding to reach more people in Cecil County by clicking here.

I want you to understand how serious of an issue these proposed tax hikes are in the long term.

If a 5% property tax increase and a two point income tax increase are approved, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will NEVER be decreased.

Even worse, without a strong showing of opposition, the politicians will be emboldened to continue to use we taxpayers as an ATM to pay for frivolous spending increases in future budgets.

A “Drain the Swamp” movement has swept the nation but our local politicians are not getting that message – yet.

Let’s all work together to make sure the Cecil County Council remembers that they work for us.