McCarthy’s Tier Map Expansion to Align With State Law

County Executive Alan McCarthy has finally given the public some insight into his plan to design and adopt a new tier map.

In a press release that was sent to the Cecil Whig, McCarthy provided an inconsistent message that began with respecting property rights…

…but ended with a stated goal of creating a new map that is “aligned with state law.”

This clearly signals that McCarthy is willing to adopt a new tier map that expands the tier 4 and restricts property rights while lowering property values.

Taking a page out of Tari Moore’s political playbook, McCarthy spoke out of both sides of his mouth as he criticized the state’s efforts to meddle in local land use issues…

…but then ultimately conceded that his goal “is to implement a common sense approach to growth that is aligned with state law.”

“Aligned with state law” can only mean one thing – a massive expansion of Tier 4 designation on private property in Cecil County.

And while McCarthy acknowledged that Tier 4 designations “could compromise the agricultural community’s ability to remain viable by negatively affecting their ability to borrow and manage debt”…

…he failed to commit to refusing to accept any new tier map that expands land use restrictions.

Actions speak louder than words.

If McCarthy truly wants to protect property rights, why would he participate in the creation of a map that will do just the opposite?

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