McCarthy says mandatory sewer connections are “fair.”

County Executive Alan McCarthy continued to promote his anti-property rights and tax-n-spend agenda by submitting a letter to the Cecil Whig endorsing mandatory sewer connections.

In that letter, McCarthy characterized government forced connections as “fair” and “better for the environment.”

Click here to demand that your County Council takes immediate action to protect to protect homeowners from this financially burdensome and unnecessary policy.

This letter was clearly a response to the hundreds of emails that citizens like you have flooded his and the county councilors’ offices with.

However, he still doesn’t get it – or he doesn’t care.

No reasonable person could ever describe forcing property owners to abandon their perfectly working septic systems and incurring thousands of dollars of expenses in order to connect to a county run sewer system as “fair.”

Even more outrageous is McCarthy’s assertion that the county policy will provide “flexibility” and “relief” to property owners who are subjected to this terrible mandate.

“Flexibility” infers that property owners will have a choice.

They don’t.

They must connect or face legal action from the county.

The only option that property owners in some cases have is when they connect.

And waiting to connect will surely cost property owners more as prices rise.

Don’t have the money to pay the $6,000.00 connection fee?

Here’s where McCarthy’s so-called “relief” comes in.

You see McCarthy proudly announced that property owners can utilize a county financing plan.

All you will have to do is put $2000.00 down and the remaining balance can be paid off over a 10 year period – with interest, of course.

Laughably, McCarthy notes that mandatory sewer connections eliminate future septic repair and pump-out costs but fails to mention the quarterly sewer user fees that will be charged to users.

He also fails to mention the thousands of dollars property owners will be forced to pay out to have their septic systems drained and filled with stone.

He also doesn’t mention the possible “user benefit fee” which could be as high as $8000.00 according to the chief of the public works dept.

And while McCarthy is painting a dishonest picture of just how burdensome this mandate is for property owners, the entire County Council has remained silent.

That’s right, not one member of the council has made any public statements on this subject, nor have they included any discussions on how to protect property owners in their meetings.

Cecil County Campaign for Liberty is committed to doing everything possible to shield property owners from this outrageous mandate, but we need your help.

First, If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment of your time to sign this pre-written email opposing these mandatory connections.

Secondly, we need large numbers of people who are willing to join us in confronting the county council during a future meeting to demand action.

We’ll make an announcement of when we plan to do this in the future, but right now, we must continue to inform the public and grow our numbers.

Help us do that by sharing this information with everyone you know in Cecil County.

We’ll also be heading out into the areas that will be affected by this mandate first and we’ll be going door to door to organize resistance.

Stay tuned and be prepared to act.