Just Announced: Mandatory Sewer Connection Protest

All of the details have been finalized, now we need you to help us protect private property rights in Cecil County.

Please mark your calendar and commit to attending the:

“Ditch the Sewer Mandate” Rally and Protest
September 19th, 6 P.M.
In front of the County Government Building
200 Chesapeake Blvd.,
Elkton, Maryland 21921

This event is a protest and rally to oppose the McCarthy Administration’s policy of forcing property owners with functioning septic systems to connect to the county sewer lines.

Property owners who are forced to connect will be charged a $6,000.00 connection fee by the county.

They will also be responsible for draining and filling their septic tank with stone and hiring a plumbing contractor to make necessary changes inside their homes.

County government may also institute a “benefit assessment fee” which could be as high a $8,000.00.

Total cost to property owners could easily reach a whopping $15,000.00!

Stand up for private property rights by attending this event.

We will gather outside of the Cecil County Government building for a peaceful protest of this mandatory sewer connection policy starting a 6 P.M.

Please bring a homemade sign that displays a message that you oppose forced sewer connections.

At 7 P.M., participants will be encouraged to enter the building and attend the County Council Meeting…

…and to sign up to speak in opposition of the mandatory connection policy during the public comment portion of the council meeting.

It is critical that we show up in large numbers to show our County Council that we demand that they take action to protect property owners from this anti-liberty policy.

Please make every effort to show up and stand against tyranny with fellow liberty activists.

You can also help us make this protest a success by clicking here and inviting your Facebook contacts to attend.

Don’t wait, mark your calendar now and we’ll see you at 6 P.M. on September 19th!