County Sewer Mandate Could Cost You Thousands of $$$

As if his 5% property tax increase and 7% income tax increase wasn’t enough, County Executive Alan McCarthy wants even more of your hard earned money.

And it’s no small amount.

We’re talking about an estimated $18,000.00 worth of fees that will be imposed on homeowners who are victimized by a new push…

…to force homeowners to connect to current and future county sewer lines.

Click here to demand that your County Council takes immediate action to protect to protect homeowners from this financially burdensome and unnecessary policy.

Here’s what we know:

McCarthy has instructed his Director of Public Works to begin enforcing a policy requiring any home on a septic system, even if the septic is working perfectly fine

to hook up to public sewer where available now, and where available in the future, at a cost of a whopping $6,000.00!

The fee for sewer connections was just lowered from $12,000.00 to $6,000.00, but this lower connection fee is only in place for two years.

Who knows what homeowners will be required to pay if they are unable to afford the cost of mandatory connections during this temporary fee reduction period.

And if sewer lines are run in your community after this two year period, you too will potentially be paying a lot more when the bureaucrats notify you of your obligation to connect.

However, the actual connection fee isn’t the only huge expense to the home owner.

The McCarthy Administration is also requiring that your septic system is drained, have holes drilled in the bottom, and be filled with gravel at the owner’s expense.

Homeowners will also be responsible for hiring a plumbing contractor to do any necessary rerouting of indoor pipes.

And to add insult to injury, Scott Flanigan, Director of Public Works, told the Cecil Whig that the county could implement a “benefit assessment fee” that could add another $8,000.00 to the cost!

Flanigan reported to the County Council that the total cost per home to do this would be around $18,000.00 and that the County WILL force the homeowner to pay for this.

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You paid $10,000 to $20,000 for your working septic system but now the County will force you to pay for their sewer system…to benefit who?

Not currently close to a sewer line?  Feeling safe??

Don’t, because the sewer system is expanding rapidly to areas far and near within the County.  No one is safe from the expansion and this mandate.

Who can afford this ridiculous bureaucratic maneuver by the County government?

We must act now and demand that the County Council take action to prevent this egregious government overreach.

The first step is to contact the council so that they are aware of the growing opposition to mandated sewer connections.

We’ve made this first step incredibly easy for you.

Simply take 10 seconds of your time to click here to sign and send a pre-written “Ditch the Sewer Mandate” email to the entire County Council.

The County Council has an obligation to protect our property rights and defend the citizens of Cecil County from an out of control Executive who is happy to spend YOUR money!

By contacting them with our easy form email tool, they’ll know that large numbers of their constituents are watching and expecting them to take immediate action.

Cecil County Campaign for Liberty will be monitoring developments on this issue as they develop…

… and we’ll be ready as always to fight to protect the liberty of Cecil County citizens.

We’ll continue to keep you updated and informed about the Council’s actions and important public hearing as they are announced.