Councilwoman Gregory noncommittal on preventing tax increases

It’s been more than two weeks since county residents learned of the massive tax increases that are included in County Executive Alan McCarthy’s proposed FY 2018 budget.

And while public outrage over a 5% property tax increase and other tax increases is spreading like a wildfire…

…former Tea Party Leader and now County Councilor Jackie Gregory has so far refrained from assuring taxpayers that she will vote against any and all tax increases.

In an interview with the Cecil Whig, Gregory stated that a tax increase puts an undue burden on the county’s middle class.

However, she stopped short of making a public commitment to vote “no” to any budget that raises taxes on Cecil County citizens.

As a Tea Party leader, Gregory was very outspoken about being “Taxed Enough Already” and was quite confrontational to politicians who considered raising taxes.

In a letter that she penned to the County Council during the FY2016 budget deliberations, Gregory threatened council members by saying:

“I can guarantee your political days will be numbered if you make a liar out of me by voting for higher taxes when people voted for you on the basis of me telling them that you wouldn’t.”

She also clearly stated that she would accept no excuses for local tax increases:

“The last election in Maryland should have sent you a message, loudly and clearly. If you decide to go the opposite direction of our new Governor because you lack the political fortitude to tell people “NO” as he has, and you instead take the cuts from the state as an excuse to raise taxes locally, you are no different than Martin O’Malley.”

Gregory went on to explain that making small cuts to the budget would not qualify as being fiscally conservative:

“You were NOT elected to be a rubber stamp to the CE. Unfortunately, in many ways, that is what the council seems to have become. If you perceive that as your job, save us your salary and stay home. Cutting a minute amount from the budget to save face and enable you to claim that you acted independently is not going to cut it this year.”

You can read Jackie Gregory’s full letter to the council by clicking here.

We at Cecil County Campaign for Liberty couldn’t have agreed more with these statements from then-activist Gregory.

So where are the strong anti-tax increase statements from Gregory now that she sits on the Council?

You’d think that an activist that authored such a strongly worded anti-tax increase letter to the previous council would have responded immediately…

…with a promise to use her position on the council to oppose the $7,500,000.00 tax hike proposed by County Executive McCarthy.

In fact, we’d have hoped that Councilwoman Gregory would have stepped up and assumed a leadership role by challenging other council members to join her in pledging to vote down all tax increase proposals.

Shouldn’t the citizens who voted for Gregory based upon her Tea Party activism expect, at the very least, a public promise to vote against any form of tax increase?

The simple act of saying “I will not vote for any budget that includes tax increases” would allow citizens to focus their efforts to prevent tax increases on less committed politicians.

You and I need to know if Gregory is going to stand strong and oppose tax increases, and we need to know now.

Please call and email Councilwoman Jackie Gregory today and encourage her to make a public promise to vote “NO” to any budget that raises taxes.

Jackie Gregory

Office Phone: 410-996-5201
Work Phone: 410-287-5277

We have to be honest with you, We can’t help being concerned that Councilwoman Gregory has not committed to voting against tax increases already.

It was only a few weeks ago when we were shocked to hear Gregory’s complete flip-flop on government handouts to private mega-corporations.

As a Tea Party activist, she railed against politicians that voted for government handouts.

But when the vote on a handout to Amazon came up, Gregory disappointed her supporters by justifying her vote to approve the handout by saying “we have to live in the real world.”

You and I must let her know that we support her previous Tea Party position on tax increases and that we expect her to deliver on her campaign promises.

Your phone call and/or email to Jackie Gregory could be the determining factor in whether she stands strong in opposing tax increases…

…or whether she bows to pressure and once again tells us that as a councilor, she must “live in the real world” where tax increases are necessary.

Direct questions about her position on tax increases have gone unanswered on her Facebook page.

She has not given any indication of her intentions on her website or during public council meetings.

However, your phone calls and emails will send a strong message that she must make a choice between living up to her expectations of the former council…

…or becoming the type of politician that she once opposed as an activist.

Help us nudge her in the right direction.

Thanks for standing with us on this important issue.