Council Members support huge tax increase?

Council Members Joyce Bowlsbey and Dan Schneckenburger both campaigned on a promise to “fight tax increases.

However, both appear to be walking back from that stance now that County Executive Alan McCarthy has proposed a Tax-n-Spend budget…

…that significantly increases property taxes and county income taxes.

In interviews with Brad Kroner, a Cecil Whig political reporter, both councilors made comments that should concern county residents who oppose tax hikes.

Schneckenburger said he was surprised by the level of tax increases but added, “but I understand the rationale.”

He went on to say that he didn’t know if he would vote for or against McCarthy’s property and income tax increases.

Bowlsbey had a similar stance.

She stated that tax increases are undesirable but followed up with, “but I don’t see any other way around it.”

You and I know that THERE IS a way around it.

This council must do the job they were elected and promised to do – show some fiscal responsibility and cut the massive spending increases that are included in McCarthy’s budget.

Both Bowlsbey and Schneckenburger went on to say that they wanted to hear from the public before they decide which way they vote on the budget.

Let’s give them what they want.

I’m asking you to help us build massive opposition to this horrible Tax-n-Spend budget by sharing this email and the included petition with all of your Cecil County contacts.

I want to be able to deliver a massive stack of petitions that will very clearly show that the public will not tolerate the passage of this budget.

If you haven’t already done so, please click here to sign our “No Tax Increase in Cecil” petition.

You can also help us reach a wider audience by chipping in a few dollars to help us cover the costs associated with winning political battles.

We can’t do it alone and there are currently no other organizations in Cecil County that are working to protect taxpayers.

Click here to help us reach our modest goal of raising $1000 dollars before April 15th to use to force budget cuts and prevent tax increases.

We appreciate your help and support.