Audit of CCPS reveals waste and overspending

A shocking audit of the financial management practices of Cecil County Public Schools has just been released by the Maryland Office of Legislative Audits.

Only weeks after huge tax increases were just levied on taxpayers like you and me, which were partially due to yet another huge increase to Cecil County Public Schools…

…this audit of CCPS shows serious examples of wasted taxpayer dollars.

Add your name to the list of citizen’s who oppose increased spending that leads to higher taxes and fees.

The audit contains eleven findings that resulted in millions of taxpayer-funded dollars being wasted.

One finding astonishingly identified that CCPS over paid bus contractors by a whopping $7.8 million because of a faulty methodology for determining payments.

But that’s not the only issue they found with CCPS transportation.

The audit also discovered that CCPS did not exclude federal fuel excise taxes from payments to bus

This resulted in an overpayment of $379,000.00 to bus contractors from 2011-2015.

To make matters worse, it was discovered that inefficient bus routes resulted in some bus routes operating at less than 50% of the target capacity.

In other words, more buses are in use than need to be, wasting taxpayers money.

I don’t know about you, but I’m outraged that my property tax bill just went up so that CCPS could be awarded an increase of $1.7 million in this year’s budget

especially when they are clearly not being good stewards of our tax dollars.

Another finding highlighted the fact that CCPS frequently did not make use of a competitive procurement process including…

…entering into a $14.1 million purchasing agreement with a solar energy provider

Because of this, CCPS entered into a purchasing agreement which resulted in higher costs than other government entities paid for similar services.

You’d think that with all of the high paid administrators that are employed by CCPS, someone would be shopping for the best price for services.

This audit concludes that they were not.

There were many other issues that were discovered by the audit, including:

  • Risks of unauthorized vendor payments.
  • Open wi-fi allowing anyone in the vicinity to access the CCPS data center.
  • Sloppy accounting practices that could result in unauthorized disbursements being processed without detection.
  • CCPS did not assess the benefits of using intergovernmental cooperative
    purchasing agreements (ICPA) as required by State law, which could have provided cost benefits.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to read the full CCPS audit by clicking here.

This audit is a prime example of why Maryland Campaign for Liberty has been fighting against increased government spending and higher taxes and fees.

If you have been following our work here in Cecil County, you know that every year, CCPS demands more and more of our hard-earned money.

And the politicians willingly hand it over like clockwork.

This year was no different as Councilors Bowlsbey, Patchell, Schneckenburger, and Meffley opposed funding CCPS at the more than adequate level of last year…

…and instead vocally supported raising CCPS funding to record levels.

Equally outrageous is the fact that legislation recently introduced on behalf of Executive McCarthy…

…seeks to borrow money to pay for the installation of the first of many artificial turf fields at local schools.

That’s right, the county will borrow money and pay interest to fund a turf field while CCPS is throwing millions of dollars down the drain!

Now, more than ever, we must stand together and oppose out-of-control government spending.

In just a few short months, County Executive Alan Mccarthy will begin to work on the FY2019 budget.

Help us prepare to oppose more tax increases and reckless spending by adding your name to our “No Tax and Fee Increases” petition by clicking here.

The waste of millions of dollars by CCPS is proof that throwing money at government departments is not the answer.

Please share this information with Cecil County friends and family.

Thank you for helping to defend liberty!