You’ve been robbed.

While you and I work to pay off a mortgage, make car payments, and watch our budget to save money for our children’s college education…

…Cecil County Government decided they had a better use for your money.

They awarded thousands of dollars in the form of a taxpayer-funded hand-out to one of the biggest retailers in the world.

Recently, Cecil County Politicians and The Cecil County Department of Economic Development were touting this announcement:

 “Lidl, one of the world’s largest retailers will open a new regional headquarters and distribution center in the Principio Business Park in Cecil County as part of its U.S. expansion.”
But buried at the very end of the announcement was a deceivingly worded disclosure that you and I are being forced to contribute to corporate welfare.

As part of the deal to entice Lidl to choose Cecil County as their home, they are being promised $20,000.00 of taxpayer money to aid with “workforce development.”

So who is Lidl and why do they “need” our money to train their employees?

According to The Business Insider, Lidl is a German retailer that generated about $84 billion in sales in Europe alone in 2015!

That’s right. $84 BILLION in sales and Cecil County taxpayers are being robbed of their income to pay to train Lidl’s employees!

And not only are you being robbed, you are also being lied to.

The announcement of Lidl’s opening goes on to state that will also be provided with a $16,000 “conditional loan.”

We contacted Lisa Webb, Cecil County Director of Economic Development to get clarification on the meaning of “conditional loan.”

To regular folks like you and I, a loan is something that is paid back over a period of time, usually with interest.

But in this case, a “conditional loan” is nothing more than a deceptive term for a gift that Webb admitted does not need to be paid back if certain conditions are met.

After signing the petition, please consider donating $5, $25, $50 or more to help us continue to protect the interests of Cecil County taxpayers.

Using terms like “workforce development grant” and “conditional loan” is nothing more than a dishonest attempt to hide the truth from the public.

The truth is that you and I are being stripped of $36,000.00 in order to gift it to one of the largest retailers in the world.

And it’s not just the $36,000.00 at the local level.

The Maryland Dept. of Commerce has approved a $360,000.00 “conditional loan” for Lidl which will be paid for by all Maryland taxpayers – including you.

Grants and gifts, paid for by citizens like you and I, to huge foreign corporations so that they can further increase their profits.

Are you angry yet?

Well, hold on. It gets worse.

Our County Executive and members of our County Council have been patting themselves on the back and taking credit for the 100 jobs that this distribution center will supposedly create.

After all, nothing is better for a politician’s career than touting job creation, even if it’s not entirely true.

Here’s what they are not telling you.

While Lidl may create some new jobs in Cecil County, no one is telling the public how many jobs they may kill.

The Business Insider reports that retailers Food Lion, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Walmart will be challenged by Lidl’s move to take over the American market.

This means that there is the potential that jobs merely get transferred from one retailer to another with no net benefit to our economy.

And Lidl is known for keeping prices low by investing far less in customer service and merchandising so that fewer employees are needed.

In other words, my money and your money could be used to contribute to the downfall of American companies

while benefiting a foreign company with a reputation for hiring fewer employees.

This is exactly why government needs to stay out of the free-market and refrain from picking winners and losers with taxpayer dollars.

What precedent has been set now that our County Executive, County Council, and Dept.Of Economic Development have started handing out your tax dollars to big business?

Won’t every business that considers moving to Cecil County expect “free” money deals like Lidl is getting?

Let’s put this genie back in the bottle before it’s too late.

Help us put an end to corporate welfare in Cecil County once and for all.

Please take a moment to sign our “No More Taxpayer-Funded Hand-Outs to Big Business” petition by clicking here.

Your opposition to these hand-outs will help us pressure the County Council and County Executive to put an end to this outrageous use of taxpayer dollars.

Our goal is to make sure that your money is never again used to line the pockets of wealthy businesses.

We’ll be addressing the County Council at a future meeting to get more information which will be passed on to you.

Please share this information with friends and family to raise awareness of this important local issue.

We appreciate your support!

Please Read: Important Action Needed

We got their attention.

More than 300 petitions opposing tax-funded pay increases were delivered to the County Council during the August 17th Legislative Meeting!

Members of Cecil County Campaign for Liberty and other citizens testified against both bills, while support for the bills was virtually non-existent.

However, not all of the Council Members are getting the message.

Councilwoman Joyce Bowlsbey was captured by a “hot-mic” whispering comments that show a total disregard for the public’s opposition to pay raises for politicians.

And when MDC4L State Coordinator Bob Willick approached the Council Manager to deliver the stack of petitions signed by citizens like you…

…Ms. Bowlsbey sighed loudly and muttered, “Give me strength”, showing her contempt for the public’s opinion on this legislation.

With less than two weeks left to go before the vote on this legislation, it is imperative we all double-down…

…to make sure that all members of the council vote “No!” to this waste of taxpayer dollars.

This is a call to action.

We are asking you to take two minutes of your time to email and/or call the council and voice your opposition to Bill 2016-16 and Bill 2016-17.

County Council:
Alan J. McCarthy –
Joyce Bowlsbey –
Dan Schneckenburger –
George Patchell –
Robert Hodge –
If you choose to email the entire council, you can simply copy the following line of council email addresses and paste it into the “To” line of your email message:,,,,

Your message to the council can be as short as “I oppose Bill 2016-16 and Bill 2016-17 and I urge you to vote “No” on both bills.”

Please understand the power that you have to shape politics in Cecil County.

Your emails and phone calls will play a huge role in determining whether pay raises are voted down or whether you will be footing the bill to put more money in the politician’s pockets.

Council President Robert Hodge has already stated that he has been receiving emails concerning this legislation…

…and that the council will be considering them before they vote on September 6th.

Let’s make sure that the sheer volume of phone calls and emailed opposition is something they don’t dare ignore.

Public Hearing Scheduled for Taxpayer Funded Raises for Cecil Politicians

A public hearing has been scheduled to allow the public to comment on two bills that will provide taxpayer-funded pay increases for the County Executive and County Council.

Time, date and location for this hearing :

County Administration Building
200 Chesapeake Blvd, Elkton
Elk Room – First Floor
7:00 p.m.
August 16, 2016
Cecil County Campaign for Liberty will be in attendance to oppose this legislation and to deliver petitions signed by citizens demanding that the Council vote “No!

If you’ve already signed the petition, you can be assured that the Council will receive it during the public hearing.

However, if you’d like to increase the impact that these petitions have on the County Council…

…please consider coming out to the hearing to voice your opposition to taxpayer-funded raises for politicians in person.

If you haven’t signed the petition, there is still time to add your name to the petition before it is delivered on8/16/2016.

Click here to sign the petition opposing salary increases for the County Executive and County Council.

You can still help us collect petition signatures by sharing this information with others in Cecil County and urging them to sign the petition too.

Another way that you can help is by providing financial support to this campaign.

Last weekend, our volunteers visited more than 400 homes to deliver “Tax Payer Alert” flyers to inform the public that there is pending legislation…

…that would directly take money out of their pockets and award it to politicians in the form of pay raises.

Needless to say, citizens were outraged and jumped at the opportunity to sign our petition.

We have plans to visit hundreds of more homes over the next few weeks but our reach is limited to the amount of funding that can be raised for printing costs.

Please consider chipping in whatever you can afford to supply our volunteers with the materials they need to mobilize the public against this legislation.

Click here to donate $5, $25, $100 or more to our efforts.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on this issue as new developments occur.

Thanks for your support!

Bills introduced to increase pay for politicians

It’s official.

Legislation has been formally introduced that will increase compensation for the County Council and the County Executive.

Bill 2016-16 aims to provide an 8% pay increase to all Council Members starting in December of 2018.

Also introduced is Bill 2016-17 which would increase the County Executive’s compensation to $100,000.00 per year and make County Employee Group Insurance coverage available as an added benefit.

Click here to sign the petition opposing salary increases for the County Executive and County Council.

Both bills were introduced during the council’s July 19th legislative meeting.

Ironically, just hours earlier, Council President Robert Hodge had proposed eliminating half of the council’s work session meetings due to “a lack of agenda items.”

I don’t know about you, but I find it appalling that politicians would even consider an 8% pay raise…

…while claiming at the same time that there are not enough county issues to warrant having four work session meetings per month.

Currently, Council Member compensation works out to $36.08 per hour.

A reduction in the number of meetings coupled with a 8% pay increase would drive that hourly rate up significantly.

You and I know that this is a bad deal for the taxpayers of Cecil County and yet every sitting member of our County Council seems to fully support this legislation.

This means that we must turn up the heat on these politicians to prevent yet another frivolous spending increase.

If you believe current pay of $36.08 per hour is plenty for part-time politicians, click here.

Here’s the good news.

A public hearing on this legislation is scheduled forAugust 16th and the final vote will come on September 6th.

This gives us time to mobilize the public to pressure our County Council to vote against these unnecessary pay increases.

We’ve already collected a large number of signatures on our Petition to Oppose Salary Increases for Cecil Politicians which will be delivered to the County Council before the final vote on September 6th.

However, it’s going to take a large public outcry to motivate our County Council to vote down bills 2016-16 and 2016-17.

Here’s how you can help:

First, If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to sign our Petition to Oppose Salary Increases for Cecil Politicians by clicking here.

Secondly, we need volunteers to help us educate the public about this legislation and collect signatures on our petition to oppose it.

If you’d like to get involved, you can contact us by either replying to this email or by signing up to volunteer by clicking here.

And finally, even if you don’t have time in your busy schedule to volunteer, your financial support is crucial in giving our activists the tools that they need to reach thousands of Cecil County citizens.

Please consider donating what you can to help pay for the costs associated with printing flyers and petitions, county-wide robocalls, and postage for direct mail.

Chip in to help defeat this legislation by clicking here.

This is a winnable fight.

There are no special interest groups advocating for more tax dollars to be spent to line the pockets of politicians.

This legislation is only being supported by a small group of political insiders who are either looking to help their friends or get political favors in the future.

Every one of our elected officials ran on a platform of lower taxes and less government spending – and they have failed miserably at keeping that promise.

None of them ever mentioned that they would work to increase compensation for politicians during their campaigns.

It’s time for the taxpayers of Cecil County to hold our elected officials accountable by demanding that they abandon all efforts to secure pay raises at taxpayer expense.

Please share this information with friends and family in Cecil County.

ACT NOW! Prevent tax-payer funded pay raises for Cecil politicians.

Out of your wallet and directly into theirs.

The Cecil County Council is considering doing what only politicians can do – vote themselves and future politicians raises.

And they are not wasting any time in moving forward.

Click here to sign the petition opposing salary increases for the County Executive and County Council.

In April of 2016, the County Council established the Compensation Review Commission which held only three meetings in May…

…before quickly recommending pay and compensation increases for the County Council and the County Executive.

And it was no surprise that the County Council moved quickly in requesting the drafting of legislation that mirrored the Compensation Review Commission’s suggestions.

Currently, the County Executive is paid a handsome $98,000.00 for this full-time position.

However, the Compensation Review Commission feels this is inadequate and is recommending a $2000.00 per year increase to bring that salary up to $100,000.00 per year.

County Council Members are currently paid $25,000.00 per year for their part-time position which, according to the Compensation Review Commission, is equal to $36.08 per hour.

That’s right, County Council members are currently making more than thirty-six dollars an hour!

But again, that still isn’t enough according to the Compensation Review Commission.

If you believe current pay of $36.08 per hour is plenty for part-time politicians, click here.

They are recommending all Council Members be given a $2000.00 per year raise and the Council President be given an extra $5000.00 per year on top of that!

But that’s not all, the commission also called for giving Council members a new allowance…

…that would pay for meals, lodging, and registration for various meetings that are not currently covered.

In short, the County Council appointed a commission that includes members who are known to have cozy relationships with local politicians…

…and then wasted no time in asking for a bill that would increase their pay as recommended by that same commission.

Year after year, Cecil County residents have been hit with tax and fee increases stemming from increased county government spending.

And even though our current County Executive and County Councilors all ran on lower taxes and less spending, none of them have delivered on these promises.

We find it unconscionable that any of them would suggest a spending increase that would do nothing but line the pockets of politicians.

If you agree, here’s what you can do:

First, sign Cecil County Campaign for Liberty’s Petition to Oppose Salary Increases for Cecil Politicians by clicking here.

Secondly, share this email with friends and family and ask them to sign the petition and pass this information along to their friends.

Politicians in Cecil County have used the citizens of Cecil County as an ATM for far too long.

If we band together right now, we can prevent them from making another unauthorized withdrawal of our hard earned money.

The County Council is still waiting for pay raise legislation to be written by administrators.

After that, they will have to introduce the legislation and hold a public hearing on it before voting yea or nay.

This gives us time to mobilize folks like you to prevent this legislation from becoming a reality.

But our reach will be limited without financial support.

Please consider clicking here to donate a few dollars to help us get this information out to the general public.

Our goal is to continue running ads on social media, send out thousands of robo-calls, and use direct mail to reach as many people as possible.

You have my word that every dollar you donate will go directly to this effort.

With your help, we can defeat this legislation just like we have defeated property tax increases, gun restrictions, and other wasteful spending legislation in the past.

We’ll continue to keep you informed as new information about this legislation is made public.

Thanks for your support!

Do You Feel Betrayed?

They betrayed their conservative and liberty minded supporters by casting votes to advance the progressive agenda during this year’s legislative session.

But that’s not stopping them from hosting a “Victory Breakfast” and asking you to continue to support them by donating $50 to the District 35 team.

We have a better idea.

Please come out and join us for the “Betrayed by District 35 Representatives” protest and rally.

May 26th @ 8 a.m.
On the public sidewalks in front Buck’s Restaurant
314 East Main Street
Rising Sun MD 21911

State Senator Wayne Norman and Delegates Kevin Hornberger, Andrew Cassilly, and Teresa Reilly are hoping you weren’t paying attention to their votes during the MarylandGeneral Assembly.

Norman, Hornberger and Cassilly teamed up with progressives to help pass radical legislation mandating a whopping 40% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

This law makes Maryland the third most regulated state in the nation – all in the name of combating highly disputed climate change.

The entire District 35 team voted to bail-out Baltimore City with $75 million of your tax dollars to demolish buildings and replace them with “sustainable communities.”

But that’s not all.

Hornberger and Norman voted to expand ObamaCare by requiring insurance companies to provide “free” contraceptives and morning-after drugs.

Delegates Reilly, Cassilly and Hornberger voted for the “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act” during this year’s MarylandGeneral Assembly.

Laws on the books already mandate that men and women are paid equally for the same work.

This legislation added “protection” for transgenders and puts businesses at risk of frivolous lawsuits by allowing former employees to sue their employer…

…if they feel they were discriminated against for up to three years after their employment has been terminated.

And finally, the entire D35 team voted to approve the largest state budget ever which still includes taxpayer funding for abortion.

With a voting record like this, it’s hard to imagine what “victory” this team will be celebrating at their fundraiser breakfast.

We need liberty warriors like you to show up at this protest and join us in sending a clear message that these votes were unacceptable.

Please consider bringing a sign that expresses your thoughts about their voting record.

Let’s send them a message they will remember when casting their votes during next year’s legislative session.

Politicians at the local level fear angry constituents and they will not be able to ignore our presence as they arrive at their fundraiser.

If you are a Facebook user, please visit our event page, sign up to attend and then invite your Facebook friends.

Thanks for your support!

Defenders or conspirators?

Our next Cecil County Campaign for Liberty Meeting will be held:
Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
7:00 p.m.
Hurricane Grill & Wings
801 E. Pulaski Hwy, Elkton, MD
Were they defenders of liberty and advocates for limited government?

Or did they work to grow government and advance a progressive agenda?

At this month’s Cecil County Campaign for Liberty meeting, we’ll take an in-depth look at how state representatives from Cecil County voted…

…on important legislation during this year’s Maryland General Assembly.

Our team of activists researched thousands of votes from this year’s session.

What we found is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

This information has not been covered by the media, so you won’t want to miss this presentation.

Also on the agenda for this month’s meeting:

  • Results from our 2016 Elkton Town Commissioner Candidate Surveys
  • An update on the proposed FY 2017 Cecil County Budget
  • Results and notes from the 2016 primary elections
  • Action items to help advance liberty in Cecil County
  • Open Mic: Your chance to take the floor and discuss any issue that you feel is important


Our meetings are always open to the public, free, and family-friendly.

Excellent food and beverages are available before, during and after our meetings from our gracious hosts at Hurricane Grill and Wings.

Why not invite some friends and family to join you for dinner while learning what you can do to help restore our liberties?

We recommend that you bring your preferred method of taking notes on the information and action items that are presented.

What was Delegate Hornberger Thinking?

The 2016 Maryland General Assembly has come and gone but Delegate Kevin Hornberger’s irresponsible votes will continue to burden taxpayers like you for years to come.

While conservatives have been battling the myth of climate change and the leftist agenda that seeks to use bogus climate data to impose greater control over Americans…

…Delegate Hornberger voted to pass legislation requiring Maryland to cut greenhouse gasses by 40% by 2030.

Click here to help us hold politicians like Hornberger accountable for their actions.

Can you imagine the crippling effects on residents and businesses as they are forced to comply with this heavy-handed state mandate?

Many lawmakers opposed this legislation due to the concerns of its fiscal impact.

But that didn’t stop Hornberger from joining with Speaker Busch to help advance the 40% reduction goal…

…which was proposed by the Martin O’Malley founded Maryland Climate Change Commission.

Maryland now has the third most aggressive climate change laws thanks in part to Hornberger’s vote.

In a time when Maryland is fighting just to keep businesses from packing up and moving to states with less regulation…

…Hornberger is siding with the radical left and helping any business that is considering a move to Maryland make an easy choice.

That choice will be to avoid Maryland like the plague.

This unfriendly business environment will undoubtedly hurt our economy as jobs will be lost as employers struggle to cope with the expenses required to comply with this law.

And what effects will a mandated 40% reduction in emissions have on individuals?

You may remember that the Maryland Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2009 proposed taxing drivers by the mile in order to discourage driving and therefore cut down on emissions.

This year’s new reduction plan is is merely an update to the same plan from 2009.

The plan does not specifically detail what measures will be implemented to get to a 40% reduction but it’s clear that it will cost Marylanders dearly.

Why is Hornberger helping to advance the liberal goals of former Governor Martin O’Malley?

Scientists have provided data that shows that even with the implementation of drastic greenhouse emission laws across multiple countries, the actual total reduction would be negligible.

Why would Hornberger want to burden Maryland residents with heavy-handed legislation that will have no real effect on the environment?

Help us keep citizens informed about how their legislators are voting in Annapolis.

Another piece of legislation that Hornberger helped to pass was the establishment of the “Strategic Demolition and Smart Growth Impact Fund.”

This Baltimore City bail-out mandates that $75.6 million dollars be appropriated for revitalization projects in areas designated as sustainable communities.

In other words, your tax dollars will be used to pay for the demolition of privately owned properties and for replacing them with communities aligned with “smart growth” policies.

Even worse, this legislation requires that this funding be included in future state budgets as well.

Years and years of failed liberal policies are to blame for the blight of Baltimore City, yet Delegate Hornberger wants to dump more of your money into these projects…

… while there is no sign of improvements to the way the city manages its resources.

And because this spending will be mandated in future budgets, the spending will continue even if tax dollars are not used wisely.

Why on earth would Hornberger want to reward them at your expense?

Click here to donate what you can to advance the cause of liberty in Cecil County.

Contact Delegate Hornberger today and demand an explanation for his votes that helped to advance leftist policies:

Sadly, many politicians forget why they were sent to Annapolis once they become entrenched with the establishment.

It’s up to you and me to remind politicians like Hornberger that they were elected to protect the liberties of their constituents – not to grow government and advance liberal policies.

Help us hold Hornberger’s feet to the fire by sharing this information with friends and family.

As always, thanks for your support.

Elkton Commissioner Candidate Survey Results

The deadline for candidates running for Elkton Town Commissioner seats has been reached.

Candidates Chris Zeauskas and Dr. Bob Gorman completed and returned our survey.

However, candidates Earl Piner and Charles Givens refused to participate in our survey.

Zeauskas and Gorman both committed to opposing tax and fee increases during their terms if they are elected to town council.

Both candidates also state that they would oppose taxpayer-backed loans and subsidies for private businesses.

And while Piner and Givens did not take the time to answer our survey, both supported Mayor Rob Alt’s highly controversial town-backed loan program…

…which made Elkton taxpayers co-signers for risky loans that banks wouldn’t otherwise touch.

Click here to see the full results of Cecil County Campaign for Liberty’s 2016 Elkton Town Commissioner Candidate Surveys.

Dr. Gorman and Mr. Zeauskas also committed to introducing legislation that would remove all taxpayer funding to the Elkton Chamber and Alliance.

You may remember the recent controversy that resulted when it was discovered that taxpayer dollars were appropriated to the Chamber and Alliance…

…in order to prevent a church organization from renting a vacant property which could have held up the opening of a proposed brewery.

Current Commissioners and now candidates Givens and Piner both supported that use of taxpayer dollars.

Another important issue that our survey addresses is the highly questionable practice of allowing commissioners and the mayor to vote on legislation…

…that would distribute taxpayer dollars to non-profit organizations that they are members of or serve as board members or staff.

Currently, Commissioner Mary Jo Jablonsky also serves as the Executive Director for the Elkton Chamber and Alliance and Mayor Rob Alt is listed as a Director of that organization.

Many people have questioned the ethics of having a commissioner and/or a mayor having the ability to vote for approving taxpayer funding for their own organizations.

Both Zeauskas and Gorman committed themselves to introducing legislation the would prohibit this practice.

Click here to see the full results of Cecil County Campaign for Liberty’s 2016 Elkton Town Commissioner Candidate Surveys.

Cecil County Campaign for Liberty would like to thank Dr. Bob Gorman and Chris Zeauskas for completing and returning our survey.

On the flip-side, we can’t help but wonder what candidates Piner and Givens are hiding from.

There is absolutely no reason that Piner and Givens couldn’t take five minutes to fill out the survey and return it with the provided self-addressed and stamped envelope.

If you don’t know where they stand on these important issues, it’s because they chose to avoid the questions.

Contact Piner and Givens today and demand that they publicly answer our important survey questions:

Earl Piner

Charles Givens

April 13th Meeting: Proposed county budget, candidate survey results and more.

Our next Cecil County Campaign for Liberty Meeting will be held:
Wednesday, April 13th, 2016
7:00 p.m.
Hurricane Grill & Wings
801 E. Pulaski Hwy, Elkton, MD
It’s budget season in Cecil County.

County Executive Tari Moore has released her proposed budget for 2017.

According to her plan, the county is going to “need” to spend $4,764,283.00 more of your tax dollars than it does during the current budget cycle.

That’s right. If Moore gets her way, government spending will go up by nearly $4.8 million.

And you know what that means.

At this month’s meeting, we’ll break down the FY 2017 budget proposal and show you where the increases are going and what tax and fee increases are being proposed.

And of course, we’ll show you what you can do to prevent increased taxes and fees.

In the meantime, please sign our Petition to Remove Tax and Fee Increases from the Cecil County Budget by clicking here.

Also on the agenda for this month’s meeting:

  • Results from our 2016 candidate surveys
  • An update on the status of proposed gun legislation in the Maryland General Assembly
  • Open Mic: Your chance to take the floor and discuss any issue that you feel is important


Our meetings are always open to the public, free, and family-friendly.

Excellent food and beverages are available before, during and after our meetings from our gracious hosts at Hurricane Grill and Wings.

Why not invite some friends and family to join you for dinner while learning what you can do to help restore our liberties?

We recommend that you bring your preferred method of taking notes on the information and action items that are presented.