Local Government Waste?

Our next Cecil County Campaign for Liberty Meeting will be held:

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Hurricane Grill & Wings
801 E. Pulaski Hwy, Elkton, MD

Our featured guest speaker for this meeting is local activist Russ Johnson.

Mr. Johnson has been dedicating much of his time to digging through the FY2018 budget to root out any unnecessary government spending

that could be eliminated in order to prevent the proposed 5% property and 2 point income taxes that have been proposed by County Executive Alan McCarthy.

Guest speaker Russ Johnson

Mr. Johnson has requested and obtained local government documents that shed some light into county spending that has not been reported on anywhere else.

You won’t want to miss this informative presentation.

Also on the agenda for our May 10th meeting:

  • Key budget dates and action items to prevent tax increases.
  • An update on our campaign to deliver petitions and “No Tax Increase!” emails to the county council.
  • Holding politicians accountable for their budget votes.
  • Open Mic for the public to discuss issues important to them.
Cecil County Campaign for Liberty is an issue-based group of activists dedicated to restoring constitutionally limited government.

We have a proven track record of advancing the cause of liberty in Cecil County.

If you’d like to get involved and informed, we urge you to join us on May 10th.

As a reminder, our meetings are always open to the public, free, and family-friendly.

Excellent food and beverages are available before, during and after our meetings from our gracious hosts at Hurricane Grill and Wings.

Why not invite some friends and family to join you for dinner while learning what you can do to help restore our liberties?

We recommend that you bring your preferred method of taking notes on the information and action items that are presented.

Petitions delivered, Council refuses to go on the record

Tuesday evening, Maryland Campaign for Liberty State Coordinator Bob Willick delivered the first batch of “No Tax Increase” petitions to our County Council.

Thanks to you, Mr. Willick was able to get the attention of the Council, due to the sizable stack of 500 petitions that contained the names of Cecil citizens who oppose Executive McCarthy’s outrageous tax hikes.

This was only the first of multiple trips to deliver petitions as representatives from Cecil County Campaign for Liberty…

…will continue to deliver these petitions until the council votes on the FY 2018 budget in a little over a month from now.

After handing over the petitions to the Council Manager, Mr. Willick asked for Council Members to publicly commit to making the spending cuts that are necessary to prevent tax increases.

Sadly, not a single Councilor who was present would make that public promise – even though the majority of the council campaigned on “Fighting Tax Increases.”

Click here to watch the video.

Councilors Bob Mefley and Jackie Gregory refused to make any comments concerning budget cuts or tax increases.

Councilman Dan Schneckenburger sidestepped the commitment, saying that the council was still looking at the budget…

…and would look for opportunities to “get the best budget for everybody in Cecil County.”

Council President Joyce Bowlsbey said that she was afraid that the council would not be able to meet our expectations of not raising taxes.

Councilman Geroge Patchell was absent but recently stated that “If we can’t cut, then, you know, we’ll see where we end up.”

These statements (and lack of commitments to making necessary budget cuts) are a clear sign that we must continue to double-down

on collecting petition signatures and making our voices heard.

If I’ve learned anything in politics, it’s that politicians almost always bow to public pressure when the pressure is great enough.

As much as they may whine that they can’t find cuts, what they are really saying is…

…that they don’t believe that tax increases will have negative effects on their political careers.

Trust me, this will change as we continue to deliver hundreds or even thousands of “No Tax Increase” petitions.

But to do this, we desperately need your assistance.

There are three things that we can all do right now to thwart destructive tax increases.

They are simple, but they require action by all of us.

  1. Sign and share, share, share this “No Tax Increase ” petition with all of your Cecil County Contacts. Forward this email to everyone you know in Cecil County.
  2. Click here to download a flyer to educate the public about proposed tax increases. Distribute these flyers wherever you can.
  3. Chip in a few bucks to give us the funding to reach more people in Cecil County by clicking here.

I want you to understand how serious of an issue these proposed tax hikes are in the long term.

If a 5% property tax increase and a two point income tax increase are approved, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will NEVER be decreased.

Even worse, without a strong showing of opposition, the politicians will be emboldened to continue to use we taxpayers as an ATM to pay for frivolous spending increases in future budgets.

A “Drain the Swamp” movement has swept the nation but our local politicians are not getting that message – yet.

Let’s all work together to make sure the Cecil County Council remembers that they work for us.

Councilwoman Gregory noncommittal on preventing tax increases

It’s been more than two weeks since county residents learned of the massive tax increases that are included in County Executive Alan McCarthy’s proposed FY 2018 budget.

And while public outrage over a 5% property tax increase and other tax increases is spreading like a wildfire…

…former Tea Party Leader and now County Councilor Jackie Gregory has so far refrained from assuring taxpayers that she will vote against any and all tax increases.

In an interview with the Cecil Whig, Gregory stated that a tax increase puts an undue burden on the county’s middle class.

However, she stopped short of making a public commitment to vote “no” to any budget that raises taxes on Cecil County citizens.

As a Tea Party leader, Gregory was very outspoken about being “Taxed Enough Already” and was quite confrontational to politicians who considered raising taxes.

In a letter that she penned to the County Council during the FY2016 budget deliberations, Gregory threatened council members by saying:

“I can guarantee your political days will be numbered if you make a liar out of me by voting for higher taxes when people voted for you on the basis of me telling them that you wouldn’t.”

She also clearly stated that she would accept no excuses for local tax increases:

“The last election in Maryland should have sent you a message, loudly and clearly. If you decide to go the opposite direction of our new Governor because you lack the political fortitude to tell people “NO” as he has, and you instead take the cuts from the state as an excuse to raise taxes locally, you are no different than Martin O’Malley.”

Gregory went on to explain that making small cuts to the budget would not qualify as being fiscally conservative:

“You were NOT elected to be a rubber stamp to the CE. Unfortunately, in many ways, that is what the council seems to have become. If you perceive that as your job, save us your salary and stay home. Cutting a minute amount from the budget to save face and enable you to claim that you acted independently is not going to cut it this year.”

You can read Jackie Gregory’s full letter to the council by clicking here.

We at Cecil County Campaign for Liberty couldn’t have agreed more with these statements from then-activist Gregory.

So where are the strong anti-tax increase statements from Gregory now that she sits on the Council?

You’d think that an activist that authored such a strongly worded anti-tax increase letter to the previous council would have responded immediately…

…with a promise to use her position on the council to oppose the $7,500,000.00 tax hike proposed by County Executive McCarthy.

In fact, we’d have hoped that Councilwoman Gregory would have stepped up and assumed a leadership role by challenging other council members to join her in pledging to vote down all tax increase proposals.

Shouldn’t the citizens who voted for Gregory based upon her Tea Party activism expect, at the very least, a public promise to vote against any form of tax increase?

The simple act of saying “I will not vote for any budget that includes tax increases” would allow citizens to focus their efforts to prevent tax increases on less committed politicians.

You and I need to know if Gregory is going to stand strong and oppose tax increases, and we need to know now.

Please call and email Councilwoman Jackie Gregory today and encourage her to make a public promise to vote “NO” to any budget that raises taxes.

Jackie Gregory

Office Phone: 410-996-5201
Work Phone: 410-287-5277
Email: jgregory@ccgov.org

We have to be honest with you, We can’t help being concerned that Councilwoman Gregory has not committed to voting against tax increases already.

It was only a few weeks ago when we were shocked to hear Gregory’s complete flip-flop on government handouts to private mega-corporations.

As a Tea Party activist, she railed against politicians that voted for government handouts.

But when the vote on a handout to Amazon came up, Gregory disappointed her supporters by justifying her vote to approve the handout by saying “we have to live in the real world.”

You and I must let her know that we support her previous Tea Party position on tax increases and that we expect her to deliver on her campaign promises.

Your phone call and/or email to Jackie Gregory could be the determining factor in whether she stands strong in opposing tax increases…

…or whether she bows to pressure and once again tells us that as a councilor, she must “live in the real world” where tax increases are necessary.

Direct questions about her position on tax increases have gone unanswered on her Facebook page.

She has not given any indication of her intentions on her website or during public council meetings.

However, your phone calls and emails will send a strong message that she must make a choice between living up to her expectations of the former council…

…or becoming the type of politician that she once opposed as an activist.

Help us nudge her in the right direction.

Thanks for standing with us on this important issue.

Council Members support huge tax increase?

Council Members Joyce Bowlsbey and Dan Schneckenburger both campaigned on a promise to “fight tax increases.

However, both appear to be walking back from that stance now that County Executive Alan McCarthy has proposed a Tax-n-Spend budget…

…that significantly increases property taxes and county income taxes.

In interviews with Brad Kroner, a Cecil Whig political reporter, both councilors made comments that should concern county residents who oppose tax hikes.

Schneckenburger said he was surprised by the level of tax increases but added, “but I understand the rationale.”

He went on to say that he didn’t know if he would vote for or against McCarthy’s property and income tax increases.

Bowlsbey had a similar stance.

She stated that tax increases are undesirable but followed up with, “but I don’t see any other way around it.”

You and I know that THERE IS a way around it.

This council must do the job they were elected and promised to do – show some fiscal responsibility and cut the massive spending increases that are included in McCarthy’s budget.

Both Bowlsbey and Schneckenburger went on to say that they wanted to hear from the public before they decide which way they vote on the budget.

Let’s give them what they want.

I’m asking you to help us build massive opposition to this horrible Tax-n-Spend budget by sharing this email and the included petition with all of your Cecil County contacts.

I want to be able to deliver a massive stack of petitions that will very clearly show that the public will not tolerate the passage of this budget.

If you haven’t already done so, please click here to sign our “No Tax Increase in Cecil” petition.

You can also help us reach a wider audience by chipping in a few dollars to help us cover the costs associated with winning political battles.

We can’t do it alone and there are currently no other organizations in Cecil County that are working to protect taxpayers.

Click here to help us reach our modest goal of raising $1000 dollars before April 15th to use to force budget cuts and prevent tax increases.

We appreciate your help and support.

McCarthy budget includes largest tax increase in years

County Executive Alan McCarthy recently unveiled a shocking Tax-n-Spend budget that will hurt working families in Cecil County.

McCarthy’s proposed FY2018 budget includes a whopping 5% property tax increase.

And that’s not the only way that Cecil taxpayers will take it on the chin.

Even after proposing the biggest property tax increase in years, McCarthy decided that the county income tax rate needs to be raised from 2.8% to 3%!

That’s right, while your property tax goes up, your take-home pay will be reduced under McCarthy’s outrageous budget!

Click here to add your name to the growing list of Cecil County Citizens who oppose McCarthy’s Tax-n-Spend budget.

During today’s budget press conference, McCarthy explained that tax increases were “necessary” because the past practice of using the unassigned fund balance to balance the budget is unsustainable.

However, instead of being fiscally responsible and reducing spending in lieu of raising taxes, McCarthy opted to continue growing government by increasing spending.

With zero regards for taxpayers who are barely getting by, McCarthy opted to:

  • Increase the Board of Education budget by $1,338,090.00
  • Increase the Cecil College Budget by $898,604.00
  • Increase The Cecil County Library budget by $359,500.00
  • Award pay increases for various government employees
  • Fund a new High School synthetic turf field
  • Fund the design and engineering for a new North East Library
  • Funding for many other unnecessary projects

And while McCarthy attempted to pat himself on the back for not dipping into the unassigned balance fund…

…he ignored the fact as a County Councilor, he voted for the last four budgets that were responsible for depleting county reserves.

McCarthy proudly proclaims that this budget is the first proposed balanced budget in twenty years.

But how is McCarthy balancing this budget?

His property and income tax hikes will pull a total of $7,200,000.00 out of the pockets of county taxpayers like you and me.

And let’s not forget that this county recently awarded large handouts to Amazon and LIDL instead using those funds for projects that may now have to be funded by county residents.

We can’t sit by and allow our taxes to be raised so that our County Executive can hand out our money like it’s candy.

Here’s the good news.

The County Council has the ability to make cuts to this budget and protect taxpayers from being fleeced.

They have until June 6th to make necessary changes to this budget before it is approved.

The key is for you and me to apply enough pressure to force them to listen to us.

Here’s how we can do it.

First, sign and share the “No Tax Increase In Cecil” petition by clicking here.

We’ll deliver these petitions to the Council to show the strong public opposition to these unnecessary tax increases.

However, it is crucial that we reach as many Cecil County residents as possible.

This requires funding and we don’t have a huge amount of time to work with.

Cecil County Campaign for Liberty has a goal of raising $1000 dollars to cover the cost of ads, robo-calls and direct mail that will be used to mobilize the public into action.

Please consider clicking here to help us reach this $1000 dollar goal by April 15th.

Every donation will go directly to defeating McCarthy’s attempt to rip an additional $7.2 million dollars out of the pockets of county taxpayers.

We have had great success in the past when we have been able to reach large numbers of residents.

A bill to award politicians with taxpayer funded raises was stopped in its tracks by the outpouring from angry constituents.

But the stakes are much higher this time because the cost to taxpayers like you and me will be much greater.

No one wants to see their mortgage payment go up because politicians like McCarthy can’t control their spending.

I sincerely hope that you will support our efforts to protect the already over-taxed citizens of this county.

We’ll keep you updated throughout this entire budget process.

McCarthy’s Tier Map Expansion to Align With State Law

County Executive Alan McCarthy has finally given the public some insight into his plan to design and adopt a new tier map.

In a press release that was sent to the Cecil Whig, McCarthy provided an inconsistent message that began with respecting property rights…

…but ended with a stated goal of creating a new map that is “aligned with state law.”

This clearly signals that McCarthy is willing to adopt a new tier map that expands the tier 4 and restricts property rights while lowering property values.

Taking a page out of Tari Moore’s political playbook, McCarthy spoke out of both sides of his mouth as he criticized the state’s efforts to meddle in local land use issues…

…but then ultimately conceded that his goal “is to implement a common sense approach to growth that is aligned with state law.”

“Aligned with state law” can only mean one thing – a massive expansion of Tier 4 designation on private property in Cecil County.

And while McCarthy acknowledged that Tier 4 designations “could compromise the agricultural community’s ability to remain viable by negatively affecting their ability to borrow and manage debt”…

…he failed to commit to refusing to accept any new tier map that expands land use restrictions.

Actions speak louder than words.

If McCarthy truly wants to protect property rights, why would he participate in the creation of a map that will do just the opposite?

Cecil County Campaign for Liberty is committed to protecting private property owners in Cecil County.

Our activists are working hard to spread the word about this important private property rights issue, but we need your help.

Mobilizing the public into action is expensive.

Ads, printing, robo-calls, and direct mail are costly but very effective at defeating bad legislation.

All of these tools are available to us but only if we have adequate funding.

Please consider donating $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to help us defend property rights in Cecil County by clicking here.

All donations will directly go towards defeating Alan McCarthy tier map expansion scheme.

RED ALERT: Serious Threat to Cecil Property Rights

The most serious threat to Cecil County property rights since 2012 has emerged from Alan McCarthy’s administration.

A new tier map being proposed by the Department of Planning and Zoning would expand the “no growth” tier 4 designation to 20,000 acres of Cecil County land.

Landowners whose property is involuntarily included into new tier 4 areas face a massive reduction in their property’s market value.

A tier 4 designation restricts the subdivision of many properties by mandating that no more than one dwelling can be built on 20 acres of land.

Stand up to government bullies that want to infringe on private property rights by clicking here.

Recently, County Executive Alan McCarthy announced the appointments for a Tier Map Committee that would work to create a new map for submission to the state.

Last week, the committee was given a new proposed tier map to consider and to make recommendations before submitting it back to McCarthy’s administration.

The new proposed tier map should alarm every Cecil County citizen who believes in private property rights.

Pictured below is the County’s current tier map (on the left) and the new proposed tier map (on the right).

As you can see, the tier 4 areas (designated in green) have been massively expanded in the McCarthy administration’s new map.

If this map is approved, more than half of Cecil County will be “off limits” for future development.

This could be disastrous for county farmers who rely on their property values to obtain loans for their farming needs.

And for others that intend to subdivide their property to supplement their income…

…or to provide their children or grandchildren with land to build a home on, they too will be victimized by this tier map expansion scheme.

Make no mistake, there will be NO COMPENSATION provided to property owners who are stripped of their property rights and property values.

This amounts to nothing less than government theft of its citizen’s wealth.

During his campaign for County Executive, Alan McCarthy promised to “fight liberal attacks on our rights.”

But now his administration is proposing to strip you of your property rights in order to appease liberal bureaucrats in Annapolis.

We need your help to send a strong message to County Executive McCarthy and the entire County Council that infringement on private property rights will not be tolerated.

Please take a moment to sign our petition to defend property rights in Cecil County by clicking here.

The Tier Map Advisory Committee will have multiple meetings over the next two months.

This gives us time to educate, organize, and mobilize Cecil citizens into action to protect their constitutional property rights.

Help us spread the word by sharing this information and urging friends and family to oppose tier map expansion by signing the included petition.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on this issue as new developments are announced.

Threat of Local Tax Increases

It’s here – budget season in Cecil County.

And there is much that taxpayers like you and I should be very concerned about.

Early indications are that the current administration headed by County Executive Alan McCarthy will attempt to push new tax and fee increases on to Cecil Residents.

The FY2018 budget is being drafted by McCarthy and his administration right now.

I can’t stress to you enough how critical it is for all of us to begin to organize to prevent a property tax increase and other county fee increases.

Please take a moment of your time to sign the “Say “NO!” to Tax and Fee increases in Cecil County Petition.”

Alan McCarthy has a lengthy history of supporting huge county spending increases during his tenure as Vice President of the County Council.

McCarthy’s lack of fiscal conservatism was on display for all to see when he supported spending $10,000,000.00 for a new park, $19,000,000.00 for a new library…

…and a whopping $70,000,000.00 bond bill that increased county debt by 50%.

With a big spending track record like this, it’s hard to imagine that McCarthy won’t continue this pattern as County Executive.

Even worse, Former County Executive Tari Moore and the previous County Council (which included McCarthy) passed tax-n-spend budgets that have nearly drained county reserve funds.

With little reserve funds left to draw from, there is only one other option that big-government politicians like McCarthy have to continue increased spending.

That’s right, tax and fee increases for working families like your’s and mine.

Equally disturbing is recent news that the county is facing a projected budget deficit of nearly $2,400,000.00 for the current fiscal budget which ends in 6 months.

And while mega-corporations like LIDL and Amazon are getting county government handouts

it appears that the same county government is going to be sticking its hand out and demanding more of our hard earned income in the form of tax and fee increases.

We can prevent this, but we must act now.

Special interest groups are already lining up to ask for huge increases that will be paid for by folks like us.

Cecil County Public Schools recently announced that they are requesting a taxpayer funded increase of $4,614,377.00 over last year’s budget.

The annual beg-o-thon has just begun but you can bet that many others will also be requesting similar outrageous increases.

If taxpayers like you and I don’t take a stand against tax increases now, your future property tax bill could contain quite a nasty surprise.

One-third of Cecil County property owners were recently informed that their property values went up by roughly 6%, causing an increase in their tax bill.

Any addition property tax increase will be devastating to homeowners on a tight family budget.

It is for all of these reasons that it is so important that “We the people” band together to prevent the adoption of a budget that increases taxes and fees.

It starts by signing our “Say ‘NO!’ to Tax and Fee increases in Cecil County Petition.”

We are already seeing indications that McCarthy will attempt to justify tax and fee increases by blaming the previous administration for the county’s financial woes.

He’s hoping you will forget that his votes as a county councilor directly contributed to the current financial mess that the county is in.

Any excuse for higher taxes and fees is unacceptable.

County Government must live within its means and cannot continue to treat taxpayers like an ATM that money is withdrawn from for things we can’t afford.

Please help us collect petition signatures by sharing this information with friends and family in Cecil County.

With your help, we will be able to deliver a stack of petitions that Alan McCarthy and the County Council cannot ignore.

Act Now to Prevent $1.3 Million Handout to Amazon

The secret recipient of a proposed $1,320,000.00 government handout has been leaked by The Baltimore Business Journal.

They are reporting that internet retail giant Amazon is, in fact, the latest mega-corporation vying for a government handout.

I don’t know about you, but I am appalled that a corporation that is worth $25 billion – that’s right, BILLION, would even be considered for this type of corporate welfare!

Our county council has the power to block this outrageous giveaway by doing one simple thing – voting “No!” on Resolution 3-2017.

Please take a moment of your time to send an email to the entire council using this address:  council@ccgov.org


You can write your own message or simply copy and paste the following text into the email body:

Dear Councilor,

I oppose Resolution 3-2017 which will award a $1,320,000.00 government handout to Amazon. Amazon is a $25 billion dollar corporation and should not be a recipient of government welfare at the expense of taxpayers. The government should never be in the business of hand-picking select corporations to receive handouts at the expense of taxpayers or other businesses. This provides an unfair advantage to some businesses while hurting others. I urge you to oppose Resolution 3-2017 and any future corporate welfare legislation.

But please don’t wait. Time is of the essence.

The vote on this handout is scheduled for Tuesday, January 17th at 7 p.m.

Despite how the politicians are attempting to portray this handout, they have provided no documentation that Amazon will be required to hire Cecil County or even Maryland residents.

If fact, they admitted that a similar handout to LIDL would NOT require them to hire locally.

Government handouts to multi-billion dollar corporations are just plain wrong.

They are even worse when out-of-state or out-of-county residents are benefitting from the handouts that we are paying for.

There is also zero evidence that Amazon needed any kind of incentive to open up a distribution center in Cecil County.

Politicians and bureaucrats love to hand out other people’s money and then take credit for job creation.

Even worse, they love the campaign contributions that often begin to flow in from the corporations receiving handouts.

Maryland is quickly becoming the corporate welfare capital of the East Coast.

Recent handouts to other corporation include:

$5,000,000.00 to Novavax in Montgomery County.
$2,000,000.00 to Under Armour in Baltimore.
$850.000.00 to Smith’s Detection in Harford County.
$1,000,000.00 to Frito-Lay in Harford County.
$2,000,000.00 to Marriot in Bethesda.
$300,000.00 to WebstaurantStore in Allegany County.
$700,000.00 to University Research Co., LLC. in Montgomery County.
$1,100,000.00 to Tenable Network Security in Howard County.
$1,000,000.00 to WeddingWire in Montgomery County.
$2,000,000.00 to 2U Inc. in Prince George’s County.
$250,000.00 to Woodgrain Millwork in Baltimore City.
$250,000.00 to Dot Foods in Washington County.
$500,000.00 to Astrum Solar, Inc. in Howard County.
$200,000.00 to InfoZen in Montgomery County.
$200,000.00 to RainKing Software in Bethesda.
$100,000.00 to RDI Wire & Cable Solutions, Inc. in Salisbury.
$315,000.00 to Crystal Steel Fabricators in Caroline County.

It’s time to put an end to this outrageous transfer of wealth to already profitable corporations.

Your phone calls and emails to local politicians have had great success in the past.

Contact the Cecil County Council today and demand that they withhold the proposed $1,320,000.00 government handout to Amazon by voting “No!” to Resolution 3-2017.

Cecil County Council
Email: council@ccgov.org
Phone: 410-996-5201


Stop the Madness: No More Government Handouts to Big Business!

First, it was LIDL, a multi-million dollar foreign corporation that was awarded a $360,000.00 government handout…

…10% of which was straight out of this county’s coffers.

Now, our County Council is preparing to vote on a resolution to award a whopping $1,200,000.00 handout to yet another giant, privately owned business.

And once again, the county will be responsible for kicking in 10% of this $1.2 million dollar corporate welfare scam.

Even worse, the recipient of this latest handout is being concealed from the public!

County Resolution 3-2017 states that “Project Iron LLC” will be the recipient of this latest handout, should it be approved.

Cecil County Campaign for Liberty could not locate any listings for this corporation and our emails to the County Council asking for information have not been returned.

However, The Cecil Whig has reported that there is no such LLC and that “Project Iron LLC” is a codename for the recipient who can not be named due to a non-disclosure agreement.

How’s that for government transparency?

Americans like you and me were outraged by bailouts to Wall Street, GM, and Solyndra.

We should be just as outraged by these front-loaded bailouts.

Cecil County has had 4 straight budgets that included tax and/or fee increases which have been passed on to working families.

Why then, are multi-million dollar private corporations receiving huge handouts while we are forced to turn over more of our income every year?

And why does the mystery corporation that will be occupying the space pictured below need a government handout?

                                                       Photo Courtesy of Diamond Realty

Enough is enough!

The County Council will vote to approve or disapprove this $1.2 million dollar hand-out on January 17th, 2017.

The previous council fully supported the last handout to LIDL.

However, the new council should have at least one member who will oppose government handouts to private corporations.

Former Tea-Party leader turned Councilwoman Jackie Gregory has expressed strong opposition to government hand-outs in the past.

In 2012, Gregory blasted Harford County Council Members for supporting an identical handout to Smith’s Detection.

On her organization’s Facebook page, she wrote:

“Until we have leaders and citizens willing to stop putting their hands out for money for projects that the gov’t has no business being involved in, we will never get out of our financial mess.”

And she didn’t stop there.

When former Harford County Councilman Dion Guthrie defended the handout saying “To get business, you have to invest in business”, Gregory’s response was:

“So ‘investment’ in business involves taking money from corporations and individuals by way of taxation, and then redistributing it to select corporations?

How about Maryland ‘invests’ in business by lowering corporate and individual income taxes for its citizens to create an environment where all businesses can be successful?”

We couldn’t agree any more with Councilwoman Gregory.

Government shouldn’t interfere with the free market by redistributing wealth through handouts.

The good news is that we now have one sitting council member who opposes these corporate welfare schemes.

But there is some bad news.

Inside sources tell us that Jackie Gregory is under pressure to abandon her Tea-Party philosophies and to vote “Yes” to Resolution 3-2017.

Councilwoman Gregory needs support from conservatives like you to give her the confidence to stand strong on opposing this handout as well as future handouts.

Let Councilwoman Gregory know that you have “her back.”

Call and email her today and encourage her to stand firm in her Tea-Party values and to vote “No!” to Resolution 3-2017.

Jackie Gregory
Office: 410-996-5201
Work: 410-287-5277
Email: jgregory@ccgov.org
Your phone calls and emails will give Councilwoman Gregory the support she needs while showing the other council members that conservatism is alive and well here in Cecil County.

We’ll continue to update you on this issue and any other future proposed government handouts to big business.

We appreciate your support!